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Cogknow Day Navigator is a complete assistive system for persons with mild dementia, to be launched 2012 in Europe via a partner network in each country. It’s functions are based on a scientific inventory of the top priority unmet needs of persons with dementia and extensive field testing with users in the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Cogknow touchscreenCogknow mobile device

Cogknow Day Navigator gives persons with dementia increased independence, while relieving their carers from always having to be around to support them. Our vision is that persons with mild dementia should be able to take part in society without being seen as very different, just using a bit more cognitive support than the rest of us who use calendars and other memory aids.

Cogknow reminderCogknow main screenCogknow picture dialling

The main functionalities are:

  • Time Indication
  • Remotely configurable reminders
  • Music
  • Radio
  • Picture Dialing
  • Activity Assistance
  • House Alerts for safety
  • Mobile Navigation for going home

Our consultants have unique experience in building and validating ICT-based assistive devices for persons with dementia and a network of leading clinical and academic dementia experts for carrying out deployment pre-studies from service, technical, organizational and financial perspectives.

Please see also the Cogknow Day Navigator video.